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5 Common Water Purification Methods at Home

Water is included among the basic requirements for our continual survival on Earth. Human body constantly needs water for maintaining skin health, gaining energy and cleansing. On the other hand, consumption of unclean water is just like an anti-element capable of ending our lives. An unclean water containing even minor impurities could cause stomach ache, vomiting and would also bring countless diseases to your body.

Hence, to be on the safe side, it is necessary to purify the water before drinking. Going in for a purifier might be your first thought after hearing this. However, there are some water purification techniques you could use at home which is just as effective as using purifiers.

Here are 5 of the effective water purification methods that would provide optimal results.


Boiling is the most basic and effective method for water purification. Boiling involves pouring the water into a vessel and heating it to its boiling point. The usual boiling point for water is 100 degrees Celsius. It may vary depending on the altitude you are in. Basically, you just need to boil the water till it starts to evaporate and stop when it does so. Boiling would kill the bacterium as they cannot under such heat.


Another method which many of you would often hear about. The distillation method uses a simple mechanism. But before carrying on distillation, you need to heat the water till it vaporizes. Above the vaporizing water, a cone-shaped vessel is fixed using a string or support beam. The vaporized water would condense upon touching the interior of the cone and would fall as purified water droplets by the edge of the cone. The distillation process is more effective than boiling since it kills and removes bacteria from the water.


Mostly, the water does not contain the bacterium in their elements. Water would contain some impurities like minute sand, dirt and such, which in turn contains the bacterium. By removing the impurities, you can remove the bacterium from the water. In the filtration method, you could use a small cloth or similar material to filter the water. Cover the mouth of an empty vessel with a clean cloth and pour water into the container through this cloth. Now, you have clean and drinkable water.

Sodis method

Sodis method is a process unheard of by the common mob. Sodis method makes use of the UV rays from the sunlight to turn murky water into clean water. Under this method, a pet bottle is filled with water and left under the direct sunlight for 6 hours. The UV rays from the sunlight would clear the water of all bacterium. The process is simple and effective but also time-consuming. Therefore you can use it when you have enough time in your hands.


Chlorination method is highly efficient in producing drinking water. Chlorination method involves disinfecting the water with chlorinated products like chlorine or bleach, to make the water drinkable. Chlorination method is often utilized by packaged drinking water manufacturing factories and corporation as well. The chlorine products would react on the bacterium present in the water and kill them within 30 minutes of being added to the water.