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ShowBox: The Future Of Online Movie Streaming

Entertainment is of huge importance to human beings. At the end of a long monotonous day of scheduled responsibilities, body seeks some rest and the mind seeks some relaxation and entertainment. Be it books or movies or games or anything, entertainment is an absolute necessity for each individual.


Showbox is one of the extraordinary and amazing applications of these days, providing visual entertainment to the users. Showbox brings entertainment at one’s fingertips. It is a remarkable attempt to present the users with a varied range of multimedia items to entertain themselves with and it is easily accessible through one’s phone.

The application was developed exclusively for the android platform primarily. Therefore it draws even more number of users these days. But following some easy steps and installing an android software one can use Showbox in i-Phone  also. It is widely used in android phones, iOS devices and Mac. ShowBox App for PC Windows 10 is also availbale these days. Showbox is becoming much more popular each day and presents a user friendly appearance and contains wonderful features.

Showbox App possesses all those features that the users may need to entertain themselves with. It covers every aspect of amusement and fun. The application comes with an innovative design. It also includes some fantastic features that attracts the PC users and provide them with fun and enjoyment. The application is an entertainment zone where the users get access to varieties of different multimedia items of different genre. One can watch current HD movies and download the favorite ones and it provides live streaming of TV Series also. The flawless contributions of Showbox are galore.

The application contains a plethora of wonderful features and the PC users especially find them even more amazing. The first and the foremost attribute of the application is that it has a user friendly approach and an innovative design. The other specialties include its free usage for which one can access various features without having to pay for each, and not only this but different genre of movies can also be sorted out quickly. It provides updates according to one’s own schedule, smooth navigational options to choose films and TV series and logging in every single time for usage is not necessary. It features a breathtaking graphical design. Items can be easily shared with friends in Showbox. Users can choose from an array of different video qualities. Movies can be downloaded-watched-tagged-shared and free live streaming is also available.

The biggest issue on using this application is that it is not available on Google Play Store. For this particular reason some users resort to the other alternatives found in Play Store. Those include Playbox HD, Moviebox etcetera and are quite a hit with the android users already. Both the mentioned apps include HD streaming and all other features provided by Showbox. Some other alternatives are also present in the market and one can choose from all these to keep himself enjoyed and have an entertained life.

The Real King Of Limbs


  • Tom has found the tree and he took a couple of photos.  On his blog he promised to show the path to the tree to everybody who is interested. He also posted a couple of tidbits:
  • Oak trees only become this old because of the cutting technique called pollarding, which is where the tree is cut at a certain height for wood and allowed to re-grow, while the stump gets fatter and fatter.
  • The name ‘King of Limbs’ can’t be as old as the tree, because it was pollarded until the late 1800s, according to a forest warden I spoke to yesterday. And thus, without the large limbs of branches, no-one will have named it this way until it actually had limbs.
  • The forest warden I spoke to, and some locals, are very concerned about Radiohead fans damaging the forest while looking for the tree, possibly lighting camp fires or stealing bits of wood from the tree itself. Probably worth reminding readers that the forest is private – this is like walking through someone’s garden, albeit a large one.
  • The tree is a traditional village boundary, though I can’t say which boundary without giving away the location. Large tree stumps were used as boundaries because they can’t be picked up and moved on like a signpost could.
  • Pete Doherty lived nearby on the edge of Savernake for a few years. He’s supposedly moved away but last time the gates were open, I noticed his cars were still there.
  • The roof of the stables at Tottenham House, where some of In Rainbows was recorded (and possibly some of King of Limbs?) has recently had all the lead stolen, presumably causing torrential leaks.